TrueNorth Featured Image

TrueNorth: Promo Video

Check out a promo video for TrueNorth, an innovative online platform that makes it easy to create your advance directive and share it with your friends and family. Definitely a tough subject but it is oh-so important to make sure your loved ones know your wishes!

Only in Namibia

Namibia Tourism Sizzler

I recently stumbled across a Namibia tourism sizzler that I worked on. I just love the imagery and how everything came together on this project! Doesn’t it just make you want to go on a vacation in a distant land where you can experience and learn about a new culture?

PetTherapeutics Promo

PetTherapeutics: Trade Show Video

Here’s a new promo for PetTherapeutics, the makers of a special pet bed system. Their four cutting edge therapies help provide therapeutic comfort and promote pet health and wellness. As a dog owner, it’s a lot of fun to represent a client who works to benefit animals!  

WebTCards Feature

WebTCards: Explainer Videos

Here’s an explainer video that I recently worked on for WebTCards. This is an easy-to-use, online task management system that can help improve your and your team’s efficiency and productivity. Take a listen to find out more, it could be a great product for your business!

Big Push Event

White Plains Nissan: Commercials

Check out one of several commercials I recently worked on for White Plains Nissan! This particular spot is one of three we did for their year-end Big Push Sale, and then I recently voiced a spot for their Zero Winter Blowout Sale. Come on down and get a great deal on a new Nissan!🙂


Articulate: IVR/Message On-Hold

Take a listen to a recent IVR message I recorded for Articulate, a developer of eLearning software and authoring tools! At Articulate, they believe software should be powerful, yet simple to use, in order to engage learners and improve their understanding of the content: Their featured product, Storyline, is an all-in-one authoring tool with an […]

Audio Blog

My 5 Favorite Bloody Mary Fixings

My 5 Favorite Bloody Mary Fixings

I love a good, tangy Bloody Mary – it’s a refreshing treat on a special Sunday morning or as part of a relaxing brunch. Plus, they’re the perfect excuse to eat some of my favorite tasty snacks! So, what are my top 5 favorite Bloody Mary fixings? I’ll tell you: My Top 5 Favorite Bloody […]


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